The main motive of an Asphalt plant is for blending or mixing the aggregates, other additives and asphalt in appropriate quantity according to the job mix formula and at a particular temperature to give out a hot mixture. This hot mix asphalt is used in the construction of roads.

These plants are categorised into two main types namely 1) asphalt batch mix Plant and 2) asphalt drum mix plant.

In a batch mix plant, the aggregates are heated and dried in a rotary drum and thereafter they are weighed and screened in a hot bin for mixing it properly before it is blended with the binder in a different pugmill kind mixer to prepare one batch.

Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix PlantIn asphalt drum mix plant the process of blending, drying, and heating of aggregates with binders is carried out in the same drum. Here the aggregates and binders are being fed in with a continuous output of hot asphalt mix. This plant provides a higher production rate and is very simple and easy to operate. They are available at a lower cost as compared to the batch mix plants.

The manufacturers provide the mobile asphalt drum mix plant in various capacities of 20 -30tph; 40 to 120tph.

A small mobile asphalt drum mix plant of 20 to 30 tph consists of 2 x 2 bin type aggregate feeder. This is for the cold aggregate input. The drying and mixing drum is put in the same framework with the fuel tank and feeder for the dryer burner. The loadout conveyor abounding with the mobile asphalt drum mix plant is slightly tilting minimising space utilisation further enhancing the mobility. The mineral filler, control cabin, and bitumen tank are on the different chassis. The mobile asphalt drum mix plant comes with or without a wet dust collecting unit that controls the pollution. These are ideal for small sites where there is frequent shifting.

The mobile asphalt drum mix plant is prewired with a PLC control panel. This enables quick installation and fast commissioning. Machines with capacities more than 120tph are tailor made.

They are specially designed to suit the needs of the modern generation contractors. They are of great use where the job needs a frequent change of worksite without any compromising on the production. This machine is made for availing maximum mobility and to cater to the demanding requirements of the road contractors who are always in search of such quality machines.

One of the most important advantages of this equipment is that it does not need a foundation for setting up and the plant can be started in a short span of time by using the foldable legs that are made available to the plant.

The manufacturers also provide the plant with additional features like the pneumatic braking system, kingpin system and junction box on every chassis. The mobile asphalt drum mix plant is made to give the contractors complete peace of mind. The PLC-based control panel provides an edge over the microprocessor panel by providing the smooth functioning and lowering downtime. The mixing and drying drum has the ability to withstand heat up to 1206 degree Celsius because of the insulated cerawool. It has a large steel nozzle that provides clog-free operation. Its adjustable venturi type throat gives fine tuning. It is made to utilise minimum water. Its user-friendly software ensures complete reliability and top performance. Its power interlocks are failure proof and have auto process controls. It displays all the process control parameters. It has both automatic and manual control system.

There are many manufacturers who believe in transparency of its features and take into consideration the customer’s decision. They are also open to suggestions to suit the customer’s needs and modern day’s demands. These plants are made available at an effective rate so that the customer can utilise it to its maximum capacity.

There are many manufacturers who fool the customers by selling stationary asphalt plant instead of the mobile asphalt plant and that too at the rate of mobile plant. One should be cautious about such manufacturers.