Pollution UnitWet Collectors (Pollution Unit) For Drum Mix Plants

A thermodrum mix process produces two different varieties of emissions.

1. Particulates

2. Blue Smoke

The best way of accumulating required quantities of particulate emissions, for pure exhaust air is the wet type collector. The function of these wet type collectors is wetting the dust particles entered in the exhaust gas stream. Later these are trapped in water droplets which come out of the exhaust gas and are dissipated from the system in water form.


1Diameter1630 mm
2Length5750 mm
5Total Weight———-

Operating Data

WaterpumpSize65 x 50 mm65 x 50 mm

Water Requirements

Pump SizePressureGPMSuctionPressureGPM

Pollution UnitWarning

As a safety measure, always enclose or cover setting tank with wire fencing as water temperature during operation is approximately 150°F The Setting pond shown is divided into three section by weires. The Sludge from the separator enters section (A) Where much of the sludge settles out before flowing over into section (B) By the water enters section (C) It is amply clarified for reregulation.

Minimum Sludge Pond Requirements

LengthWidthDepthGPMGallonsArea Sq. Ft.Area Sq. Ft.

Operating Principles Of The Venture Type Wet Collectors

Pollution UnitThe exhaust gas laden with dust is removed from the drum mixer and the venture by the exhaust fan. In that Venturing. the exhaust gas passes through a water spray introduced by a spray bar multiple nozzle. The dust particles in the exhaust gas stream are “surrounded” by the water spray and moisten.

Extreme turbulence promotes the venturi narrow intimate contact of the water and dust particles to ensure through mixing. As the exhaust gas enters the separator, the dust-laden water is removed by the centrifugal action of a perforated plate skimmer. Water is drained dust ladon them out into the separator in the form of an aqueous slurry in an adjustment tank.

Large Non – Clogging Nozzles

Large nozzles provide unobstructed operation and ensure minimum water maze to requirements to Collector type of risk. Wide opening recreated water nozzles without clarifying long period. Deflector water jet nozzle defect a cone spray pattern for complete wetting of the powder particles.

Efficent Weeting Action

High pressure in the exhaust gas stream ensures more efficient operation Venturing Collector with less maintenance. The exhaust gas stream more than double the rate of speed as it is forced through the venture and the turbulence creates extreme fast acceleration the exhaust gas stream, causing a highly effective mixing action between the particles and efficient of dust and spray water from the fully assembled adjustable venture having a throat actuator driven by a coating which is controlled from the operator console. This erratic “Fine tuning” to get the cleanliness efficiency optimal operating conditions of the plant.

Setting Pond For Sludge Drainage

Setting pond should be constructed of sufficient size and capacity depending on the water wet sump model used to heat the drum. The tank has a volume adjustment roughly equivalent to the amount of water passing through the manifold wet hour. The creation pond sample is divided into three sections by landfills. The sludge from the separator enters the section A, where most of the particles to settle before flowing into the next section B, When the water enters the section C, is abundantly clear to recirculation.

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