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Asphalt Drum Mix Plant is one of the extensively used plants in road construction industry. Mostly, it is designed using heavy-duty metal that can withstand heavy loads and impacts. Shitla Road Equipment manufactures automatic stationary asphalt drum plants in various models and ranges. Our Asphalt mixing drums are manufactured confirming with the Mörth Specifications. We are the leading asphalt drum mix exporter and our plants are so designed that they need less maintenance and offer fuel efficiency.

There are two types of Asphalt Drum Mix Plants :

  • Stationary Asphalt Drum Mix Plants
  • Mobile Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Standard Configurations

  • Drying & Mixing Unit
  • Four bin feeder
  • Single deck vibrating screen
  • Slinger conveyor
  • Load out conveyor with GOB hopper
  • LDO tank / fuel tank
  • bitumen tank
  • fully automatic control panel with fully furnished cabin
  • filler unit

Optional Attachments

  • Storage silo for mix material
  • Wet dust collector / bag house filter
  • Unit for effective pollution control

The Asphalt Drum Mix Plant is used to mix together the dry and warm aggregates to get the necessary mixture and is used in various road construction projects.

The Asphalt Drum Mix Plant is essentially a continuous process wherein the drying of the aggregates and the mixing to form the asphalt mixture takes place simultaneously in a combined drying and mixing unit. The mixing process is generally segregated according to the heat flow. The heat flow is of two types, the concurrent type and the counter flow type. In the concurrent type of drum mixing, the hot gas stream flows parallel to the material flow direction. In the countercurrent heating, the gas stream flows in a countercurrent direction to the material flow. Generally, a countercurrent heat mixing unit is employed which is more efficient in heat exchange technique. We at Shitla Road Equipment are the pioneers of asphalt drum mix plant in India. We offer both the stationary as well as mobile drum mix plants and it is tweaked as per the customer requirements.

Now let us look into the standard configurations in a stationary asphalt drum mix plant:

  1. Four bin feeder: The aggregates are fed into a four bin feeder. These are used to regulate the flow of aggregates.
  2. Single deck vibrating screen: This screen is used to remove and segregate the oversized aggregates and unnecessary materials from the feeder.
  3. Slinger Conveyor: The conveyor receives the aggregates from the feeder and feeds it to the dryer and mixer.
  4. Bitumen tank: This tank feeds the bitumen to the dryer and mixer drum.
  5. Filler unit: This stores the filler materials which are then transferred to the mixing drum.
  6. Drying and mixing unit: Here in the rotating drum, simultaneous drying of the aggregates and mixing of it with bitumen and filler material takes place. The resultant obtained is the hot mix asphalt.
  7. Light diesel oil (LDO) tank/ Fuel tank: This supplies fuel needed for the drying and heating of the aggregates.
  8. Load out conveyor: The Load out conveyor transports the ready-to-use asphalt mix directly to the vehicles or is stored in silos.
  9. Automatic control panel unit: This unit is helpful in managing the quantity and quality of the aggregates as well as other resources like the bitumen and filler materials.
  10. Optional attachments: The asphalt mix is passed through a dust collector for the dust to get accumulated and moved through a pollution control unit for effective pollution control before being stored in storage silo for further use and transportation to the required site.

We are with the customers from the initial planning stage to the final output stage. Also, we offer excellent after sale customer service so that the customer can openly approach us with their problems during the production stage. We are the popular asphalt drum mix plant supplier in India and we ensure that we stock spares so that the customer needn’t worry about trivial issues and they concentrate on their business aspects. We are the ground breaking innovators and the leading asphalt drum mix plant manufacturers in India as we offer our customers better and proven industry solution, technique, process controls generation and automation, along with the total installation and site support, aiming to deliver precisely mixed quality asphalt – productively and profitably.

Road Construction Machinery and Road Equipment and Asphalt Drum Mix Plant are Manufactured by Shitla since last 15 Years with quality, innovations, dedication, fair business policy and vision to face techno-commercial challenges. Shitla is renowned name in Drum Mix Plant, Wet Mix Plant of unmatch Quality in Road Construction Industry.

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