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Asphalt mixing plant comes into the picture when you need to produce the best asphalt from aggregate and bitumen through the thermal mixing process. Whatever you want, portable, relocatable or stationary, we at Shitla Road Equipments, cater to your needs by providing the perfect tailor made asphalt mixing plant in India.

As we all know, the asphalt batching plant manufacturers differentiate the production process into two types, the continuous and the discontinuous process. In continuous asphalt mixing process, there is no interruption to the process and this type is suitable for projects where the specifications to producing the asphalt mixture remain constant. Whereas in a discontinuous or batch production, the aggregates are weighed prior to being mixed and this offers the flexibility of changing the specifications to suit the client requirements. Here in the asphalt batch mix plant, a superior mixing quality is achieved due to the precise amount of raw materials added and the best mixing processes adapted. Moreover, the asphalt mix is produced in batches and it is not a continuous process.

We offer Asphalt Batch Mix Plants that are designed to provide high performance and cater efficiently to the requirements of construction industry. We offer different models with varied capacities to meet the demands of the clients at Shitla Road Equipments. Today, we are listed as one of the prime Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Manufacturers in India. All the components used in the Asphalt Mixing Plants are fabricated from superior materials. This ensures excellent performance and a long functional life. In the years since our establishment, we have come to be recognized as one among the reliable Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Suppliers in India.

Consistency is the key in any asphalt batch mix plant. We at Shitla Road Equipments, ensure that all the processes right from the initial feeding to the final mixing stage all run seamlessly and blend together beautifully to get the required asphalt mix. In addition to providing cutting edge products, we also ensure that the products supplied have an effective user-friendly interface which makes it easy to maintain and use.

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Consists Of :

  • Cold aggregates Bin Feeder
  • Dryer Drum
  • Burner
  • Bag House Filter Unit
  • Hot Aggregates Bucket elevator
  • Four deck Vibrating Screen
  • Hot Aggregate Bin
  • Pug Mill type Mixer Unit
  • Pneumatic control system
  • Filler feeding system
  • Bitumen tank
  • Fuel storage tank
  • Foreign Filler Silo
  • Computerized Control Cabin

Salient Features

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low power consumption
  • Better spares availability
  • High performance

We at Shitla Road Equipment are constantly on the path of innovation and excellence and that is what makes us one among the leading asphalt batching plant manufacturers in India. We are always trying to induce new concepts in our products so that the customers gain the benefit of it through the enhanced asphalt mix. So be it the vibrating screen or the pug mill mixer unit, we aim for the perfect and durable design and are always looking out for the inception of new technologies to make our asphalt batch mix plant in India, the best among our peers. Our batch mix plant scores over the others in many aspects some of which are listed below.

Business runs on the core philosophy that what you give to the customer comes back to you. We know that customer satisfaction is what needs to be strived for and not to be taken for granted. What sets Shitla Road Equipments apart from its competitors or what makes us the best asphalt batching plant manufacturers is that

  • We have solutions for every customer needs and requirements.
  • We know our customer’s business in and out.
  • We know the local conditions and are prepared with solutions even before the customer seeks out solutions.
  • We try to think from the customer’s viewpoint.
  • We design products keeping in mind the profitability aspect of the customer.
  • We know the space constraint and design our products accordingly.

Since the inception of our company, we have strived hard to achieve and maintain high standards in customer satisfaction. We are available to you 24*7 to ensure that your business runs smoothly. So purchase our asphalt batch mix plant and we would be delighted to welcome and serve you. Be our life-long companion and we know that we are worth it.

Road Construction Machinery and Road Equipment and Asphalt Drum Mix Plant are Manufactured by Shitla since last 15 Years with quality, innovations, dedication, fair business policy and vision to face techno-commercial challenges. Shitla is renowned name in Drum Mix Plant, Wet Mix Plant of unmatch Quality in Road Construction Industry.

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