All our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art fully equiped altra modern plant to give better homogeneity and consistency to our products.

We manufactures products as per ISI and International standard. Our ability to produce tailor-made products with minimum quantity requirement is a great boon for our customers.

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SHITLA Road Equipment, founded before 1999 by Mr. Arvind Suthar, is a leading company manufacturing equipment needed to construct quality roads. We are proud to be an established company in the area of Road Equipment Machinery manufacturing.

The Indispensability Of Road Construction Equipment In Building Of Good Roads

They say that road connectivity determines how good a country is going to progress on the economic front. So why are roads so significant? That is because they are needed for the initial raw material transportation to the final finished good transportation in businesses and markets. Roads needn’t necessarily be restricted to the towns but a country progresses when even the remotest of its villages have better road connectivity.

Our array of road construction equipment includes Drum Mix Plant, Wet Mix Plant and Asphalt Drum Mix Plant. The team at Shitla is always ready to serve different industries by delivering the best of their abilities.

In order to ensure that roads built are of good standard, the machine and equipment used in road construction need to be technologically advanced and improved in functionality. Here look at a couple of examples:

  1. Good rollers used for road compaction ensures that the roads become strong and durable.
  2. In an asphalt mix plant, a good quality twin shaft mixer helps in the good mixing of the aggregates and the binder.

We are dedicated to manufacturing a-one quality products pertaining to the road construction machinery. We, at Shitla, are committed to not only manufacturing but also providing best after sale services to our clients. Our aim is to be the preferred point for road construction equipment in India.

What type of road construction equipment is necessary?

This depends on the type of road to be built. The road equipment need not necessarily be used only in building new roads. It is required when you undertake repair works also. The road process or project undertaken may be:

  • Building new road
  • Re-carpeting of existing road
  • Repair work for a stretch of road
  • Covering the potholes

The type of road construction equipments needed for all these mentioned tasks depend on the severity of the task. Building new roads clearly need a lot of equipment when compared to covering the potholes. We provide all the equipment needed for accomplishing the road construction process. We provide:

  1. Asphalt Drum Mix Plant
  2. Asphalt Mobile Drum Mix Plant
  3. Wet Mix Macadam Plant
  4. Bitumen Pressure Distributer
  5. Bitumen Spreader
  6. Asphalt Batch Mix Plant
  7. Paver Finisher
  8. Mechanical Broom
  9. Pollution Unit
  10. Mobile concrete batching plant

The processes to build new roads are:

1. Preparing the ground for the road to be built-

When you need to build new roads, the site of road construction needs to be leveled first using the jaw and excavator. The stretch of the road is first cleaned of any obstructions or protrusions. Broken bricks, tiles, stones and concrete are placed to form a strong base and are then leveled and compacted.

2. Base and sub-base road construction-

A base road is laid using the wet mix macadam with the help of equipment like the motor grader. The wet mix macadam is prepared in the wet mix macadam plant using machineries like the pug mill, hopper, silo, crushers and vibrating screen.

3. Asphalt placing on roads-

Next, the asphalt mix is placed using a paver, bitumen sprayer and emulsion sprayer and it is leveled and compacted using road rollers, pneumatic tire rollers and the compactors to get sturdy roads. The asphalt mix is obtained from the asphalt mix plants where equipment like the aggregate batcher machine, hopper, conveyor belt, mixer and silo is used.

4. Maintenance of roads-

Maintenance of road is done using the water sprayer and the mechanical broom mainly to get rid of the dust on the road.

Repairing a stretch of road may sometimes need the removal of the existing road and that is done using an asphalt milling machine. The Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) thus obtained can be recycled.

Other than these we as road construction equipment manufacturers stock a host of other equipment for the trucking and hauling, drilling, lifting and material handling etc.

We are among some of the good road construction equipment manufacturers in India.

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Road Construction Machinery and Road Equipment and Asphalt Drum Mix Plant are Manufactured by Shitla since last 15 Years with quality, innovations, dedication, fair business policy and vision to face techno-commercial challenges. Shitla is renowned name in Drum Mix Plant, Wet Mix Plant of unmatch Quality in Road Construction Industry.

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